• PCB reduction process

    Historically, the reduction method, or etching process, was developed later, but today it is most widely used. The substrate must contain a metal layer, and when the unwanted parts are removed all that is left is the conductor pattern. By printing or photographing all exposed copper is selectivel...
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  • Components of PCB

    1. Layer Board layer is divided into copper layer and non-copper layer, commonly said a few layers of board is to show the layer number of copper layer. Generally, welding pads and lines are placed on the copper coating to complete the electrical connection. Place element description character or...
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  • Basic principles of PCB component layout

    In the long – term design practice, people have summed up a lot of rules. If these principles can be followed in circuit design, it will be beneficial to the accurate debugging of the circuit board control software and the normal operation of the hardware circuit. In summary, the principles...
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