PCB Prototyping

Benefits of PCB Prototyping

Quality Raw Materials

Traceable source of brand plates

Standardized raw material procurement process

Strict supplier selection

Production Equipment

 Hardware equipment guarantees quality

 Equipped with precision processing equipment

 Meet various special processes

Strict Inspection



Strict quality control

HUIHE Circuits has a production workshop of 12,000 square meters, with more than 20 senior engineers now and a monthly production capacity of 35,000 square meters. It is a professional manufacturer of PCB circuit boards. Huihe Circuits has obtained UL, ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO13485, OHSAS18001, RoHS, CQC and other management system and product certifications, and conforms to IPC international inspection standards.

HUIHE Circuits has been constantly striving to improve the quality of PCB circuit boards to be close to flawless. HUIHE Circuits not only has a strict and complete quality control system, but also has sophisticated production and testing equipment.

HUIHE Circuits' professional and thoughtful service capabilities and complete quality control system have won HUIHE Circuits a good reputation among customers.High-quality imported raw materials to ensure product quality from the source.

Why Choose HUIHE Circuits For PCB Prototyping?

The rate of quasi-delivery has reached 97%

4-layer circuit board-2 days delivery at the earliest

8-layer circuit board-4 days delivery at the earliest

12-layer circuit board-5 days delivery at the earliest

Through a variety of ISO system certification



High-tech enterprise certificate

Use of high quality raw materials.

Rogers / Taconic .

Arlon/ Wang Ling.

South Asia / ShengYi / Kingboard

Direct Line (11)

Delivery time

Implement lean production, effectively monitor production progress and improve quasi-delivery rate.

In the PCB production order, the PCB prototyping used by customers to develop new products will be given priority to production and shipment.

Senior sample engineer continues to follow up the production progress of PCB prototyping to ensure the smooth flow of PCB online.

S.F. Express transportation can effectively shorten the time of express delivery.

Design optimization

20 + core technicians have more than 10 years of experience and are proficient in industry standards and processes.

Provide reasonable stack optimization suggestions to effectively restrain electromagnetic interference.

Provide reasonable impedance control optimization suggestions to effectively ensure signal integrity.

Provide suggestions for optimizing the matching of resistance value and stack to ensure that the set impedance frequency is obtained.



Link with multiple suppliers to realize supply chain cooperation.Provide customers with circuit design optimization suggestions to reduce PCB procurement costs and PCBA rework costs.For example, optimize the external dimensions and splicing mode of PCB to improve the utilization rate of copper clad laminate, optimize the layout and wiring of components and circuits, and improve the yield of PCBA.

Provide material selection advice to customers to reduce PCB procurement cost.Example: how to choose cost-effective copper clad laminate, PP semi-cured sheet, ink and surface treatment process