Ocean Engineering

Ocean Engineering PCB

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1-pcb电路板线路板生产厂家汇和电路 (3)

Equipment Using PCB In Marine Engineering


The self-tuning autopilot system is highly dependent on very precise electronic programs to work properly. The system must have the ability of course correction and maintenance, ship stability and maneuverability, while minimizing heading error and power loss, and managing the use of the rudder.


A reliable radar system needs to provide accurate information about the position of other objects in the water around the ship, and it must have a reliable PCB, to work in the best way to ensure the safety of the ship.

Marine ultrashort wave radio

Radio is an important life-saving equipment for ships at sea, especially in the case of long-term ocean voyage. The safety of the ship's crew and passengers depends on radios and printed circuit boards that can work reliably.

GPS system

The GPS system allows workers on board to be prepared to know their location at any point in time, and reliable printed circuits provide protection for this.

Fish finder/sonar

Without reliable PCB-based sonar equipment to locate the best schools of fish, fishermen fishing in the deep sea may find nothing.

A PCB board that provides instruments and equipment used in marine engineering.

Signal processor

〓 Signal separator

 Output filter

 Temperature sensor

 Optical converter

〓 Circuit amplifier


 Electronic counter measuring device

 High-power RF module

〓 Optoelectronic / infrared processor

 Input power regulator

 Signal amplifier

 High voltage regulator

 Beacon and strobe system

 High frequency VHF system

 Anti-interference system

 Antenna system

 Curium attenuator

 Clock timer

 Active aperture array

 Solid-state laser technology

 Sound control noise suppression module

 Communications and networking

 Radar and sonar

 Navigation equipment


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