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Nowadays, many applications in the transportation industry require electronic products with high performance and durability

HUIHE Circuits has extensive experience in manufacturing custom PCB for customers in the railway, rail transit and automotive industries. Understand the importance of high performance, high reliability and high firmness of the products needed by the transport industry

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Printed Circuit Board For Rail Transt

Rail vehicles carry a large number of people, and the reliability of the braking system is even more important. In the braking system, the brake control unit is the core to ensure the stability of the whole system. Various connection components and printed circuit boards for power supply, control and data transmission are densely distributed in the brake control unit.

The drive system is one of the most important systems of rail vehicles. In the rail vehicles driven by electric power, the traction converter module is the "brain" of the whole drive system. It connects the transformer and the traction motor and controls the behavior of the whole drive system. The traction converter module is also densely covered with connection components and printed circuit boards for power supply, control and data transmission.

The automatic train control system based on communication has become the mainstream in the field of rail transit signal system. It consists of automatic train protection, automatic train operation, automatic train monitoring and interlocking system, shouldering the responsibility of preventing rear-end accidents and ensuring the efficient and safe operation of all vehicles in the whole rail transit system. it is the most important system that integrates trackside and vehicles.

With the improvement of the development speed and efficiency of enterprises in today's society, the demand for transportation increases. HUIHE Circuits has provided printed circuit boards for the transportation industry for decades, and has passed IATF16949, RoHS, ISO9001, UL and other certification and testing. Experienced engineers who specialize in engineering and process technology in HUIHE Circuits are familiar with the special needs of the transportation industry for printed circuit boards and the importance of safety, speed and efficiency to the transportation industry.

The quality engineer of HUIHE Circuits is familiar with PPAP, APQP, FMEA, and always follows the company's specific project start-up quality process. HUIHE Circuits are well aware of the quality and supply responsibilities of PCB suppliers so that customer factories are not affected by supply or quality problems. HUIHE Circuits support the entire life cycle of rail transit electronic products with excellent customer service capabilities, reliable technology, timely delivery and controllable cost-effectiveness. HUIHE Circuits and current's experience in handling rapid technological changes in PCB in the transportation industry enables us to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.

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