Social Responsibility

Green factory concept

The treatment of factory waste water and waste gas to reduce the discharge of environmental pollutants, through research and investigation has been the use of environmental protection, energy-saving and scientific technology to build factories and supporting facilities.


Intellectual property protection

To provide customers with intellectual property protection with more stringent measures than traditional confidentiality measures. Within the company, we implement a strict authorization system and detailed access logs to ensure the security of customer information.


Environmental policy

HUIHE Circuits is committed to supporting environmental protection and implementing green manufacturing policies such as rational use of resources and waste disposal. In order to reduce the impact on the environment, HUIHE Circuits formulate the following policies in accordance with environmental protection legislation:

1. In the design and development stage, evaluate the impact of materials on the environment, and take it as one of the procurement conditions.

2. In the aspects of production, product transportation and waste disposal, we take environmental protection measures to improve production technology, save resources and recycle.

3. To enhance employees' awareness of environmental protection by organizing staff training and promoting the concepts of "saving" (Reduce), "reuse" (Reuse) and "recycling" (Recycle).

4. The management of the company actively formulates the environmental protection strategy, taking environmental protection and manufacturing into consideration at the same time.

5. The company responds positively and handles complaints and suggestions related to environmental protection.


Safety production

HUIHE Circuits insists on safe production and clean production, in accordance with the national environmental protection and safety management system, and attaches importance to the environmental and safety control of the production process and the labor protection of employees.