Industrial Control

Industrial Control PCB

With the continuous development of the mode of "automatic equipment + industrial robot operation"

The demand for electronic and electrical products in the industrial control industry is increasing.

HUIHE Circuits focuses on the production and manufacture of high-reliability multilayer PCBs to protect customers in the industrial control industry.

Industrial Control PCB

Demand for PCB in Industrial Control Industry

Industrial control equipment usually has high performance of anti-magnetic, anti-dust, anti-shock and so on, and has the characteristics of special base plate, strong anti-interference power supply, continuous long-time working ability and so on. At present, China has realized the mechanization of industrial development, 5G construction promotes the development of downstream facilities and technologies such as the Internet of things, and accelerates the incubation of industrial automation.

Industrial automation control products as an important part of industrial automation, it is bound to undertake the rapid development of this emerging market. With the development of automation of industrial control, the electronic degree of industrial control equipment is increasing, which leads to the demand for upstream key electronic devices PCB.

The market demand of PCB in the field of industrial control and medical devices is increasing steadily, and many PCB manufacturers actively explore and deploy including industrial robots and high-end medical equipment.

Industrial Control Medical PCB Board Demand Proportion

Single / double panel
4 layer
6 layer
8-16 layer
above 18 layer
Flexible PCB

Application Of PCB In Industrial Control

Industrial computer

Industrial instrument

Industrial control chassis

Industrial gas remote monitoring system

Intelligent electric meter

Motion controller