High Volume PCB

Advantages Of High Volume PCB

Quality Assurance

Pass a variety of ISO system certification



Wholly-Owned Factory

Monthly production capacity : 35000 sqm.

Factory area : 12000 sqm.

20+ Years Experience

The technical team provides PCB manufacturability recommendations for prototype products in the design stage.

10+ core technicians have more than 20 years of experience in the industry, and they are proficient in industry standards and process quality.

High Volume PCB Equipment

PCB Laminating Machine

Through heat transfer and pressure to a certain temperature, it is necessary for the production equipment of PP, core board and copper foil to be bonded to the multilayer PCB board in the corresponding time

PCB Routing Machine

According to the requirements of engineering materials, the workboard parts are divided into the dimensions required by customers by Routing machines and knives

PCB Developer Machine

Pass the exposed PCB board over the machine, remove the unexposed ink, and keep the line needed by the customer.


Remove the residual glue in the hole and attach chemical copper to the substrate by activating the pore wall to increase the adhesion of the pore wall

PCB Automatic Plating Line

The phosphorus and copper ball is transferred to the hole and plate surface under the action of DC, and the full automatic production line ensures the copper thickness

PCB Flying-probe Tester

Test the functional problems of the PCB circuit board

High Volume PCB Customers Distribution





North America


South America