Internet OfThings


The blind buried hole PCB, used in Internet of things devices can place dense electronic components and flexible wiring

The blind buried hole PCB circuit board uses blind hole and buried hole to make the wiring in the limited area compact and orderly, so as to reduce the number of layers of multilayer PCBs 


Application Of PCB Board In IOT

Smart home

Intelligent household appliances

Smart socket

Intelligent monitoring

Intelligent door lock

Smart dress

Smart bracelet watch

Smart glasses

Smart clothes

Smart shoes 

Intelligent industry

Intelligent remote control

Intelligent logistics

Intelligent monitoring

Wisdom production

Vehicle networking

Intelligent transportation


Smart parking

Intelligent alarm 

Intelligent medical treatment

Remote diagnosis

See a doctor by machine



Smart city

Smart home

Intelligent transportation

Intelligent hotel

Intelligent retail 

Advantages Of Blind Buried Hole PCB In The Field of IOT

Reduced size and weight

Due to the space saving of stacking microhole technology, the layout of blind buried hole components is more compact and the circuit is more compact. The smaller circuit board means that PCB can be more widely used in the field of IoT of the Internet of things and can adapt to the updated circuit design scheme at any time.

Routing path simplification

The buried blind hole microhole technology makes the wiring in the dense area more uniform and reasonable, and the buried blind hole makes the wiring more selective. After circuit designers use microholes instead of through holes, the signal transmission distance between components is shorter, which can improve signal integrity. The high performance of buried blind hole PCB with small size and small volume is the key to optimize IOT equipment.

Cost-effectiveness improvement

The reduction of energy consumption and the number of layers produces more cost effects, and the smaller size enables PCB proofing and mass production to save more materials.

How to meet the PCB requirements of the IOTs Industry

1.The innovation of the Internet of things will continue to develop at an alarming rate, and printed circuit board technology must continue to advance to meet the needs of businesses, consumers, and applications.
2.As the demand for PCB becomes more and more demanding, PCB is becoming more and more complex. For developers of Internet of things devices, when choosing a supplier to provide such services, they need to choose a printed circuit board manufacturer with innovative technology and experience and communicate with PCB manufacturing experts at the start-up stage of the project or in the initial stage of circuit design.
3.Before quoting, the PCB manufacturing experts and engineering experts of Huihe Circuits review your design in advance to avoid scrapping after putting into production, save you PCB costs or improve circuit performance. You can contact the technical team of HUIHE Circuits by phone or email to discuss the specific requirements of circuit design and circuit board production. Contact us, now!