PCB Application

As a leading role in PCB industry, HUIHE Circuits produces boards widely used in communications, computers, industrial control, power electronics, medical equipment, security electronics, consumer electronics and automotive electronics, and won customers’ trust.

Automotive electronics

An important symbol to measure the level of modern cars


The basic conditions for moving towards Gigabit Mobile Network and artificial Intelligence

Internet of things

An important stage of development in the "information" era

Communication equipment

Provide information convenience for life

Intelligent robot

A unique "living creature" for self-control 

Consumer electronics

Electrical products for personal and household use

Security electronics

Acquisition device for the purpose of security and video surveillance

Medical Equipment

The basic conditions for improving the level of medical science and technology

New energy

Various forms of energy other than traditional energy

Ocean engineering

A project for the expansion of the seaside side of the coastline

Rail transit

A transportation system running on a particular track

Industrial Control

“Automation equipment + industrial robot” production mode.