Rogers ro4003c application

Rogers ro4003c is used in aerospace, unconventional microwave, RF and other applications. ro4003c material is a glass fiber reinforced hydrocarbon resin system ceramic filling material launched by Rogers. Its electrical properties are very close to PTFE glass cloth materials, and its processing properties are similar to epoxy resin glass cloth materials. Rogers ro4003c provides strictly controlled dielectric constant and loss and is one of the most stable products in the RO4000 series with extremely low dielectric loss.

The 4G traffic flow monitoring radar on the road can realize multiple collection and provide more than four groups of positioning data, so that the positioning information is more accurate and the traffic flow statistics of each lane is more accurate. Using rogers ro4003c can reduce costs, reduce circuit system losses, improve product performance, and increase the range of multi-channel radar monitoring.

Using rogers ro4003c pcb in antenna products can reduce losses and improve antenna accuracy; rogers ro4003c pcb used in communication products can reduce transmission loss, improve receiving accuracy, reduce system noise, improve transmission power, and ensure good performance of the overall communication system.

Post time: Mar-10-2023