Components of printed circuit board(PCB)

Blind Buried Via PCB

1. Layer

Printed Circuit Board(PCB) layer is divided into copper layer and non-copper layer, commonly said a few layers of board is to show the layer number of copper layer. Generally, welding pads and lines are placed on the copper coating to complete the electrical connection. Place element description character or comment character on the non-copper coating; Some layers (such as mechanical layers) are used to place indicative information about the board making and assembly method, such as the physical dimension line of the board, dimension marking, data data, through hole information, assembly instructions, etc.


Through hole is one of the important parts of multilayer PCB. The cost of drilling hole is usually 30% to 40% of the cost of printed circuit board(PCB). In short, every hole on a PCB can be called a through-hole. From the point of view of function, the through-hole can be divided into two categories: one is used as the electrical connection between each layer; The second is used for fixing or locating devices. In terms of the technological process, the holes are generally divided into three categories, that is, blind via. Buried via and through via.

3. Pad

The pad is used for welding components, realizing electrical connections, fixing the pins of components or for drawing wires, testing lines, etc. According to the type of package of components, the pad can be divided into two categories: needle insertion pad and surface patch pad. The needle insertion pad must be drilled, while the surface patch pad does not need to be drilled. The welding plate of needle-inserting type components is set in multi-layer, and the welding plate of surface SMT type components is set in the same layer with the components


Copper film wire is the wire running on PCB after copper clad plate is processed. It is referred to as wire for short. It is generally used to realize the connection between pads and is an important part of printed circuit board(PCB). The main property of a wire is its width, which depends on the amount of carrying current and the thickness of the copper foil.

5. Component Package

Component package means welding the actual component to the printed circuit board(PCB) to lead the pins out. Then the fixed packaging becomes a whole. The common encapsulation types are plug-in encapsulation and surface mounted encapsulation.



Post time: Nov-16-2020