What are the quality requirements for PCB fabrication?

What are the quality requirements for PCB fabrication?

The development of science and technology of the industry segment is more and more obvious, the electronic industry is the most thorough field at present, globalization, marketization, and the pursuit of high new technology and low cost is the inevitable trend for the development of electronic industry, only with high quality and low cost advantage, PCB fabrication quality is the quality of the product level, is a collection of quality, reputation, responsibility and culture, It is a pursuit that we have always pursued.

When it comes to quality, whether it’s double-sided circuit board or 4-layer PCB circuit board or other multi-layer PCB printed circuit board quality issues related to customer experience. Customers are very concerned about the quality of PCB, so, what are the common quality requirements of PCB circuit board factories?

Whether customers are satisfied with the quality of PCB fabrication products and whether the products meet the needs of customers is the only standard to measure the quality of products. The printed circuit board is a kind of special electronic accessories product, one customer, one type, one type of board. According to the customer’s special document processing, there is no universality. When the double-sided PCB board is ordered by the customer rejected, our double-sided circuit board can only be scrapped, there will not be another customer to accept, but although all kinds of printed board line graphics are different, different structure size, but also have common, common is its basic requirements. The quality requirements of the circuit board factory are usually as follows:

(1) Appearance requirements

PCB fabrication suppliers usually require more stringent appearance, which requires no pollution, inclusions, fingerprinting and oxidation on the surface, so as not to affect weldability and insulation. The color and color of the resistance welding pattern are consistent, without peeling, missing or deviating, oil seepage, in case of affecting the welding. The edge of the PCB is smooth and clean, without bump or burr, in case of affecting the assembly size and insulation. Uniform wire, no corrosion, notch, residual copper, to prevent the influence of electrical performance. Mark symbol is clear, not paste readable, to prevent the impact of assembly and maintenance. No scratches on the surface to avoid affecting the welding assembly and electrical performance. No foaming or delamination between conductor or insulating layers, especially multilayer PCBs, to avoid affecting mechanical and electrical properties.


(2) Electrical performance requirements

It is very important to set the appropriate electrical gap between the multi-layer circuit board wires. The appropriate line spacing can prevent the flash and breakdown between the relevant conductors in the work of PCB processing products, and can successfully pass the audit of the relevant product safety standards. In the industrial and safety standards of circuit board and PCB products, different operating voltages, different application occasions and other factors have different regulations on the electrical gap and creepage distance between conductors.

(3) Mechanical performance requirements

The circuit board requires that the copper clad plate must be baked before opening to ensure that the water vapor volatilization resin in the plate is cured completely; when opening material, operate in strict accordance with the warp and weft direction in the opening instruction; during laminating and typesetting, the laminating and typesetting shall be conducted in accordance with the warp and weft directions of PCB processed plates. The warp and weft directions shall be distinguished first and then typesetting shall be conducted in accordance with the distinguished warp and weft directions to ensure that the warp and weft directions are consistent. No private adjustment of cold pressing time shall be allowed, and records shall be made to ensure that the stresses in the plates are completely released and the resin is completely cured. When the character of the circuit board of the circuit board is baked at high temperature, the shelf needs to be adjusted according to the size of the board. The board is not allowed to bend or twist when the socket is inserted. The size is not the same as that of the separate socket for baking.

(4) Environmental resistance and other performance requirements

The multi-layer circuit board has environmental resistance, mildew resistance, moisture resistance, cooking resistance, temperature impact resistance and other properties.

The formation of PCB allegro product quality runs through the whole process of product formation, and PCB product quality is related to the whole process of manufacturing. Every circuit board factory should pay special attention to quality, quality is produced, not inspected. Think of yourself as a consumer of the previous process and the next process as your customer. Behind each circuit board is a group of quality assurance personnel silently conducting quality inspection, perfect quality control system is needed by every PCB fabrication manufacturing.

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