6 Layer ENIG Via-In-Pad PCB

6 Layer ENIG Via-In-Pad PCB

Short Description:

Product name: 6 Layer ENIG Via-In-Pad PCB
Layers: 6
Surface finish: ENIG
Base material: FR4
Outer Layer W/S: 4/3.5mil
Inner layer W/S: 4/3.5mil
Thickness: 2.0mm
Min. hole diameter:0.25mm
Special process: via-in-pad Impedance Control

Product Detail

How To Understand Half Plug Hole And Full Plug Hole

The whole plug hole is the whole through hole is blocked by green oil. Generally, TOP and BOT fill the hole with green oil on both sides, and the fullness is more than 80%. The half plug hole refers to the plug from one side, opaque, half plug hole, fullness is not good control, general factory can only do about 30-50%, according to the factory’s own ability, mainly used in, one side of the window, one side of the window area, such as shielding cover, heat sink. The conventional plugging method of VIA is full plugging treatment.

Equipment Display

5-PCB circuit board automatic plating line

PCB Automatic Plating Line

7-PCB circuit board PTH production line


15-PCB circuit board LDI automatic laser scanning line machine


12-PCB circuit board CCD exposure machine

PCB CCD Exposure Machine

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