4 Layer Taconic ENIG PCB

4 Layer Taconic ENIG PCB

Short Description:

Product name: 4 layer Taconic ENIG PCB
Layers: 4
Surface finish: ENIG
Base material: Taconic RF-35
Min. hole diameter: 0.8mm
Outer Layer W/S: 12/12mil
Inner layer W/S: 12/12mil
Thickness: 0.762mm

Product Detail


PTFE (commonly known as Teflon) is an ideal dielectric for RF applications, but it is not easily compatible with the conventional dielectric FR4 in PCB manufacturing. Ceramic dielectric is the most commonly used dielectric material in multilayer PCB. It can be used as a separate dielectric layer in special applications and as an inner dielectric layer in FR4 laminated structure in conventional applications.

Many RF signal layers of RF design have large non copper filled areas after etching. PCB manufacturers will use different technologies to ensure sufficient insulation between different conductive layers and consistent thickness.

In general, FR4 prepreg without glue is the best solution to keep the thickness uniform, but it will change the electrical performance of the whole package. Not all PCB manufacturers have the same manufacturing process, but they are different. Therefore, it is very important for PCB manufacturers to participate in the circuit design project at the early stage of design to ensure the success of the project.

Application Of PTFE Teflon PCB

1. PTFE Teflon PCB is suitable for electrical insulating materials and linings, supporting sliders, guide rail seals and lubricating materials for electrical insulating materials and contacting corrosive media.

2. It is used for rich cabinet furniture in light industry. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, dye containers, storage tanks, reactors, large pipeline anticorrosion lining materials;

3. Heavy industry, such as aviation and military; machinery, construction, traffic bridge, slide block, guide rail; anti sticking materials for printing and dyeing, light industry, textile industry, etc

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